<![CDATA[Sister Mako Ketch Japan Fukuoka Mission - Blog]]>Fri, 08 Jan 2016 08:22:53 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[December 14, 2015]]>Sat, 19 Dec 2015 17:47:10 GMThttp://makoketchjapanfukuokamission.weebly.com/blog/december-14-2015Hi family!
Well, today is my last pday... That's a lot weird. It still really doesn't feel real that I'm coming home. This week was really interesting. It was full of lots of lasts.  This past Sunday was
pretty cool! There's an elder also serving in Sasebo, elder Seable, who is going home with me too. So both of us were asked to talk in sacrament meeting. And the 4 missionaries sang a song! It was pretty cool! And since it was our last Sunday we invited a ton of people to come! And some of our favorite eikaiwa students came! It was so cool.
I really loved being in Sasebo. Anyways, after sacrament meeting we did Sunday school with them and acted out the Christmas story! It was pretty hilarious haha. But for most of them it was the first time hearing the story and we bore our testimony to them of the Savior and I think it was a really powerful moment. We made Christmas cards for them and wrapped Book of Mormons for presents! They all thought it was really cool.

It was the perfect way to spend my last Sunday!

<![CDATA[December 7, 2015]]>Sat, 19 Dec 2015 17:45:20 GMThttp://makoketchjapanfukuokamission.weebly.com/blog/december-7-2015Hi family! Well sorry I didn't email you yesterday, there was no time!
We went to bio park which is this like giant petting zoo haha... It was HORRIFYING! I'll send you pictures! Anyways! Other than that this week was really interesting. There were a lot of ups and downs.  So this whole transfer we have been trying really hard to find people. And we haven't been finding anyone. But FINALLY 2 weeks ago we found a way sweet investigator! She's 18 and just so prepared. We had one lesson with her and it was so awesome! But then she doesn't show up to her second lesson.  We call her and she told us that her mom told her she can't talk to us anymore. That was really sad! Okay. And then the elders passed us this way awesome investigator and we had a lesson with her and it was an amazing lesson. We set up an appointment to come back for another lesson, but she messages us a few days later and drops us too. And gosh. It was just enough for me. I was so frustrated and I didn't understand why it was happening. I mean we were working so hard and I was just so frustrated. I still don't know why. And I guess it's not really that important to know why. I don't know, i had kind of a hard time coming here for my last transfer, but I came with faith that good things would happen. And I feel like pretty much the whole time I've been here it's been a huge trial of my faith.  And I mean, those are important and going to happen. We need our faith to be tried, that's how it grows.  But I think this week I realized how selfish I was being, and I realized that I was forgetting the most important thing.  Relying on the Savior.  I've learned how much He understand and how much He is there. And probably more than any other time in my life, I felt His help this week. I know that my efforts aren't in vain. Maybe I'm not seeing the results I want, but I know that my work isn't for nothing. I'm grateful to be a missionary. It's really hard sometimes. But we are never alone in it. I really felt that this week. 

 I love you guys!
<![CDATA[November 29, 2015]]>Sat, 19 Dec 2015 17:42:36 GMThttp://makoketchjapanfukuokamission.weebly.com/blog/november-29-2015Well... I emailed you like three days ago... Not too much has happened since then and now so I'll just send you some pictures!
<![CDATA[November 25, 2015]]>Sat, 19 Dec 2015 17:40:33 GMThttp://makoketchjapanfukuokamission.weebly.com/blog/november-25-2015Happy thanksgiving! It's finally pday! Holy cow! Haha. And happy birthday Keiko! :) I can't believe you're 16... That's way weird.
Anyways! This week was pretty fun! It was long! Let's see. Last Friday we had junkai (companion exchanges?) and I got to work with Clements shimai! Which was so fun! Man! A year ago her and I were dendoing together as bean chan's! And now here we are, way old missionaries! It was so fun! And I must say that our Japanese has improved significantly over the past year haha. It was way fun!

Here's our junkai picture! The elders were so funny and came to the church and set up that whole cute lunch for us. They even bought us a pizza! Way too nice! Haha
<![CDATA[November 15, 2015]]>Sat, 19 Dec 2015 16:41:10 GMThttp://makoketchjapanfukuokamission.weebly.com/blog/november-15-2015​Hello family! This week was really great! We visited a lot of members and ate a lot of food haha. Yesterday we went to the Christie family's home with the elders and their investigator Lisa, who is also kind of our investigator too... We share her haha. It's great! Anyways. We went over and had this huge American feast! I ate so much cheese! It's been a way long time haha. But Lisa is super great! She's been an investigator on and off with her family for 15 years. They actually used to go to one of the Silverdale wards. She's been going to church for a long time. And she's attended so many different wards in so many different places haha. She's practically a member, but we are working to get her to take that step. It's just funny because yesterday in relief society she was telling us about the experience she had sharing the gospel with her neighbor... She's not even a member and she's sharing the gospel! Haha too great!
We had a pretty cool experience the other day!  We had a plan to go to this area, and I still don't know the area very well so Akahori shimai was leading us there, we biked for about 30 mins. We knew it would take us about that long to get there, but when we stopped and looked
at the map, Akahori shimai realized that we went in the total opposite direction. She felt so bad and was feeling way down on herself, but I told her it was okay and that it wasn't a mistake because maybe God wanted us to be here. So we prayed and looked at our map and picked a close place to house. While we were housing I was praying so hard that we could find someone. We housed a bit and nothing good was happening, people were rejecting us really fast, but we came to this one apartment and this guy answered the door and we introduced ourselves and he told us that he's been studying religions and is looking for the right one! HUGE miracle! We are going back this week! It really was so cool and I felt like it was the answer to my prayers!
Missionary work is so cool! Being a missionary is really hard, not gonna lie. But it's those little moments, those miracles we see that make wearing a ridiculous pink plastic rain suit and biking up these Sasebo mountains in the pouring rain worth it! I'm way grateful to be a missionary and to be here in Sasebo with Akahori shimai! It's so fun!

Ps. Next week my pday is on thanksgiving so I will email you then! I
love you guys! Have a great thanksgiving!

<![CDATA[November 8, 2015]]>Mon, 09 Nov 2015 20:20:50 GMThttp://makoketchjapanfukuokamission.weebly.com/blog/november-8-2015Hello family! Well, I transferred! I'm now in Sasebo which is in Nagasaki! It was kind of sad transferring for my last transfer, but I think it was a good thing! Sasebo is a great place! I'm so excited to be here.... But let me tell you... The hills are incredible. They aren't hills, they are mountains. I thought Yahata was bad.... Nope haha that was just warm up for these mountains haha. It will be good! がんばります!
My new companion is SO cute! Her name is Akahori shimai. She's from Tokyo! And she speaks almost zero English. Which is good, I'm learning so much Japanese. But holy cow! My head almost explodes at the end of everyday haha. She really wants to learn English though.
Her trainer was Japanese so I'm her first English speaking companion. She was way nervous but she told me that she's way relieved that I can speak Japanese haha. She thought we weren't going to be able to communicate. We have only been companions since Thursday but it has been so fun! She told me that this is the first time she's ever had fun on her mission. That was kind of sad to hear, she had a really hard time with her trainer, but I'm so glad that I could help her see that missions are actually fun! Of course we work way hard, but we can have fun as we do it! We've seen a lot of miracles already! It's been so great!
Church yesterday was crazy! There's a Japanese branch and a military branch so we go to church twice. But there was a huge surprise yesterday! Choti choro, the elder from Thailand that I was with in beppu, was there! He finished his mission but his parents came to pick him up and they were visiting his past areas! So I got to meet his parents! It was way cool! It was also so weird going to church in English. I haven't done that since the MTC! Haha so far Sasebo is way awesome! I'm excited to be here! I can't believe it's my last transfer! It doesn't feel real! But I'm ready to give Sasebo all I've got!

<![CDATA[November 2, 2015]]>Mon, 09 Nov 2015 20:08:12 GMThttp://makoketchjapanfukuokamission.weebly.com/blog/november-2-2015 Hello family! Well today is transfer call day.... My last one! Can you even believe it! I think I will probably transfer, but who knows... I will just have to spend the day anxiously waiting haha. And you all will have to wait until next week to know!
Well! Let's see, this week was really good! Last Monday we went to the beach in Fukuoka for zone pday! It was way fun. Then we had dinner with Chiho! Our friend from eikaiwa. Her whole family was there, like her mom and dad and sister and her sister's family...it was kind of intimidating but they were all so nice and they asked us so much about the Book of Mormon and our church, so it was way cool! Then chiho's mom gave me some natto and umeboshi that she got especially for me! Haha so nice!
On Tuesday we had a really good district meeting about faith. Lately I've been kind of stuck in this weird funk and it hasn't been good.  But I learned a lot from that district meeting about changing our desires and increasing our faith so that we can better do our job as missionaries. So the next day I woke up and decided that that day was going to be different. So I went out with the faith to find! And guess what! We found a new investigator! Her name is Mai, we have a lesson with her tomorrow and I'm way excited! I learned how much our thoughts influence our actions which influence the results we get in our finding.  We can go out there everyday all day talking to people, but if we don't have the faith that something good will come of it, nothing will. It's important to have faith! Then we can accomplish anything!
This week we also went and picked mikans... Those cute little oranges... With our eikaiwa people! It was really fun. We could eat all the mikans we wanted there for free, but to take them home cost money.. So we ate a lot of mikans at the place haha. It was fun!
We also had a Halloween party! It was way fun! Me and Butikoffer shimai dressed up like toddlers haha. 楽しかった!This transfer has been full of fun times! And so many miracles! I'm way grateful! And I'm excited to see what next transfer brings! I love you guys! Have. Great week!

<![CDATA[October 25, 2015]]>Mon, 09 Nov 2015 19:54:44 GMThttp://makoketchjapanfukuokamission.weebly.com/blog/october-25-2015 Hi family! Hope everyone had a good week! Our week was kinda crazy...
It seemed like all of our plans were falling through and it was kind of stressful. But the week ended on a way good note! So we had a lesson scheduled with Mari on Wednesday but she cancelled at the last minute. That was really sad and of course made us worry a little bit.
But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. We had plans to go to the YSA activity together on Saturday and she said she could still go! So we asked if we could move the lesson to Saturday after the activity and if it would be okay to invite some friends to the lesson too. She said yes! So we went to the activity which was so fun! Mari had a really good time too I think! She made some friends which was really good! And then we had her lesson with three joints! It turned out really good I think! Mari had a good time and felt the spirit during our lesson! It can't get much better than that! :)

I can't even believe how fast this transfer went by! Next week is transfer calls! So I'll be emailing on Tuesday! It will be my last call! That's so weird!  And really sad. I will probably transfer... But we will see! I love you guys! Have a good week!

<![CDATA[October 19, 2015]]>Mon, 09 Nov 2015 19:45:51 GMThttp://makoketchjapanfukuokamission.weebly.com/blog/october-19-2015 Hello family! This week was a good week! I hope you had a good week too! Last pday we went on a hike with some eikaiwa students and ward members it was way fun! Oh, last last week we had our last eikaiwa and that was super sad! I'll attach our last group picture and pictures
from the hike! On Wednesday this member in our ward, Kato shimai took us to eat sushi and then took us to the store and bought us fruit! So nice! We also had a lesson with our cute investigator Mari! We taught her about faith and repentance and the importance of acting! And she committed to taking off work to come to church on the 1st! So that's way exciting!
On Thursday the sister training leaders came for junkai.... I think that's called companion exchanges in English! Anyways, it was way fun! We met some really nice people! And some
really weird kinda creepy old guys haha. But hey, it happens.
 On Saturday we were having a lame day of finding. No one was listening to us and it was sad. But we knocked on this one house and this kind of grandma lady answers the door, except she's nice! And starts talking to us and then she realized who we were and was like wait a second! And goes back in the house and comes back to the door with her daughter who is none other than Chiho! One of my favorite eikaiwa students! She even went on the hike with us last week, she's the one with the hat and pink jacket! It was way cool! Then her mom invited us in and made us hot chocolate and we talked for a while.  We are going over for dinner next week! Haha it was a way fun miracle!
Then on Sunday I had to give a talk! I talked about faith for ten whole minutes in Japanese! Haha that's amazing to me! We also got a new dendo shunin.. Ward mission leader... Yesterday, which was really sad, but it's okay! Our new one is way cool! He just barely got back from his mission so it will be good I think. Then after church Mitsuto, our ex- dendo shunin kidnapped us and the elders and took us to a bbq with his crazy friends from high school. It was pretty fun! Then we had a dinner appointment with a member and his nonmember friends! It was a busy day! And we ate a lot!
This week was so great! I'm way grateful to be a missionary! There are so many miracles everyday. I felt like we found so many people this week that we were supposed to talk to.
Like this one girl, she told us that she had been having a way hard time at her job and when we stopped her and talked to her she felt like God was there and aware of her! That was so cool to hear! It didn't turn into anything, but I feel like we made a difference to her and put her closer on the path to finding the gospel. We get rejected a lot everyday honestly, but it's those small moments when people accept us that make it more than worth it. I love being a missionary! There’s no word to even explain how great it is!

<![CDATA[October 12, 2015]]>Mon, 09 Nov 2015 19:28:05 GMThttp://makoketchjapanfukuokamission.weebly.com/blog/october-12-2015Hi family! This week was really good! Sorry I'm emailing you so late!
We went on a hike today with some people in our ward! It was super
fun! Today was a great day!